I get invited to dinner occasionally. This was one of the best times!

Jamies Birthday and GG made his favorite meal!

LampThe BullLamp

  • The Menu for the evening!
  • The Appetiser
    1. Cranberry Brie in Pastry
    2. Wine
  • The Main Course
    1. Crown Roast
    2. Apple, Corn & Sage Stuffing
    3. Roasted New Potatoes
    4. Broccoli Casserole
    5. Angel Biscuits
    6. Wine
  • Desert
    1. ???????? It was Great!
    2. Desert Wine
  • Conversation and Cognac!

    The Table

    This is GG (Lillian G. Hathcock) the Creator of all that was good and Jamies Partner!

    The Creator

    Looking forward to the next invitation!