Little Red Convertible

When I am not busy with all that other stuff I like to chat. I have used IRC, WBS, Video and Audio programs and various other chat stuff but the best I have found is the Palace. The Palace is a graphical based highly interactive program. The Palace Client and The Palace Server are free for you to be as creative as you like!

If you don't have the Palace Go get it!

If you have the palace and want to come visit me in mine,

use this link to visit

Lewboski's Home!

I hope you have fun exploring the Castles visible and invisible rooms, scripts, music and stuff.

Some other great places to visit in Palace Space,

  • Main!
  • My Corner!
  • Nikki's!
  • Seattle Nights!
  • Sin City!
  • The Emerald Isle's!
  • Tropical Hideaway!
  • The River's Edge!


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