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Hi there! I will at some point have photo's, video & audio relating to the fields of people and medicine. Most links are underlined as well as listed at the bottom of this page.

I have worked as a Nurse & Paramedic in the Air, on the Ground and in the Emergency Room. Subsequent to my Paramedic days as a Physician Associate, I have worked in Primary/General Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Cardiothoracic Surgery. To learn more about me go to this page.

Please use extreme caution when viewing the Pre-Hospital Trauma Gallery Photos. Write me for permission to view the Gallery - depending on your reason I may give you access I may not - that is at my discression! They are of a very graphic nature. Gallows humor aside, if you are considering the EMS profession this may change your mind. I will be posting other medically related photos in the near future.

I hope to make this site one that those who are in these fields can utilize as well as those looking for info about them or the people in them. I have extensive links pages related to Pre Hospital and Medical Services among others.

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All words of encouragement and other contributions to these pages are welcome. Thanks for visiting and come again.


Kevin S. Lewis, PA-C


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